Observatory Homestead

The Observatory Homestead is set on 3 acres on the Menzies Creek. Known locally as Fernglade on Menzies. On this site the original olive tin and log framed house (circa 1895-1918) of local pioneer Egar Charman still stands. The Queen Anne style buildings and gardens provide a period setting for the observatory grounds.

Crab Nebula

Astronomy Photography

Starting out or experienced here is an opportunity to use a research standard telescope for those awesome and stunning stellar photographs. The EO has a wide rang of telescopes, mounts and astro cameras ranging from enthusiast Sony 3 x 3µm 16Mpixel to full professional Kodak 9 x 9µm16+ MPixel Full Frame cooled astro cameras. Bring your own gear and /or use our equipment. We offer personally structured courses to suite your interest and experience.

Fiery Sun

Star afternoons & evenings

Sun by day and stars by night hosted by one of our resident space experts. Our solar telescopes enable you to explore by day the turbulent surface of our sun. As the sky darkens set out on a personal space journey visiting the nights best viewing, moon, planets, binary stars, nebula and galaxies. Go innerstellar and view the very elements that form the make up the star you are viewing using astrononmical spectroscopy.