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Lachlan Thompson

CEO Emerald Observatory

Lachlan a former Associate Professor of Aerospace at RMIT University has over 40 years experience in Aerospace and Space Systems Design. A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia. He was the lead researcher for Spiders in Space Spacehab experiment on Space Shuttle Columbia STS107 in 2003. His background includes launch vehicle design, 3D printed operational liquid fuel rocket motors, space vehicle systems design,  flight test engineering and forensic air accident investigation. A strong supporter for Australia to become an active player on the world scene in the space industry. Chair 2005 Australian Space Science Conference. Lachlan is also an Anglican priest, tertiary chaplain and consulting aerospace engineeer.


Anne Brumfitt

Strategic Partnerships

Anne brings to the team  her international experience in building strategic partnerships for the European Space Agency. As a consultant to the ESA Directorate of Science she established key strategic partnerships across 17 countries in 23 languages. At the 59th International Astronautical Congress, held in Glasgow, 2008, Anne  was awarded the International Astronautical Federation, Frank J Malina Medal for outstanding excellence in space education and outreach. Anne was the first livng woman to win this award established after the loss of Challenger in 1986 with Sharon Krista McAuliffe, Payload Specialist, Teacher the inaugral recpient. In 2006 & 7 Anne was Coach for the Australian team to the International Space Olympics (ISO). The 2006 Australian ISO team winning the prestigous Cosmonauts Prize for Space Research, becoming the only non Russian team to ever win this award.